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The Woolly Sheep takes great pride in offering the finest selection of Certified Organic and free-range meats sourced directly from local farms to your table. Our consistent commitment to quality has garnered consistently positive feedback from our valued customers, reflecting the exceptional standard of meat we deliver.

All our Beef & Lamb are Certified Organic and our Chicken & Pork are Certified Free Range.

Here are some details about the farms that we source our wonderful meat from:

Our amazing Certified Organic Beef comes from Australian Organic Meats Group.
Here is a little information about Australian Organic Meats Group:
Some exerts direct from their website:

We are committed to certified organic and environmentally sustainable production systems that provide opportunities for the next generation of farmers around the world.

With the support of our valued processor partners, we can guarantee a continuous high-quality supply of organic beef and lamb items across a full range of fresh chilled, value-added, and frozen products.

We have built an excellent track record of creating new programs for retail customers from a nil starting point. Each program is tailor-made to the customer requirements and is backed up with a full supply commitment.

Our goal is to consistently supply premium quality grass-fed certified organic beef and lamb. Each customer has different needs and challenges and we provide personalised, responsive service to each member of our supply network.

For more information go to https://www.aomgroup.com.au/

Our amazing Certified Organic Lamb comes from Warilba Lambs.
Here is a little information about Warilba Lambs:
Some exerts direct from their website: 

Certified Organic

Warilba is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic. This fully independent audit process ensures that you’re always getting genuine organic produce.

Organic lambs are entirely grass fed and finished. They are all raised entirely ‘free range’ and never confined, living their entire lives roaming freely in organic pasture.

Every animal was proudly raised without the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, added hormones or antibiotics – ever!

Look for the trusted ACO bud logo on all Warilba organic products. It’s your independent guarantee.


The Warilba Difference

Every Warilba animal is entirely grass fed. An automatic requirement of the certified organic standard. Warilba delivers the authentic grass fed lamb flavour that you can trust, produced with the highest standards of certified organic farming. Raised entirely in organic pasture where they are always free to roam, Warilba lamb has the flavour and tenderness that only comes from farming the traditional way. When you take your time and leave it to nature, you get naturally better lamb!
For more information go to https://www.warilbaorganic.com.au/

Our amazing Certified Free Range Chicken comes from Elgin Valley.
Here is a little information about Elgin Valley:
Some exerts direct from their website:


Elgin Valley farms are located in the foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
Elgin Valley Free Range is proudly owned by local farmers who enjoy growing their birds to the high welfare standards sought by our customers.
"Elgin Valley chickens roam free on acres of lush green pasture and we’ve developed state of the art ways to make them as comfortable and carefree as we can.
Every part of the process – from our specially developed protective netting to the feed we give to our chooks is designed to make sure that our product is as natural and healthy as possible. Our commitment to you is that you will have tasty, ethically produced, chicken free from any growth promoting hormones, that you can feel good about feeding to your family.
At Elgin Valley we have a passion for quality. We believe that Aussies deserve fresh, premium quality chooks, free from any growth promoting hormones, delivered daily. Our systems are accredited by FREPA and are fully compliant with CODEX HACCP. As sticklers for high standards we also have the following compliance certifications.
SafeFood QLD
Customer Audits
    Elgin Valley chooks are 100% Australian owned and grown.
    'We take very seriously the health and welfare of our chickens through our growing programmes and make sure we meet National regulations for human consumption and this is confirmed by regular testing of our meat for residues'
    Elgin Valley chicken sheds can open up to 70% of the side wall, this is twice the FREPA standard to allow for better access to the outdoor area and coupled with the protective netting, achieve a high level of range usage. Outdoor areas are covered with a variety of plants and shade areas. At night time or during weather extremes the birds are kept in the sheds for their comfort and warmth.
    Elgin Valley Free Range chickens have feed and water provided for them at all times inside the shed, but they are free to forage amongst the natural vegetation, primarily grass and grass seeds on the range.
    Elgin Valley Free Range Chickens are sold with the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA) logo. To obtain this, we have to have approval from FREPA to confirm we grow to their standards. This is achieved by regular independent auditing of our farms and farming practices. We internally audit our farms quarterly to ensure the Elgin Valley high farming standards are being met and maintained."
    For more information go to https://www.elginvalleyfreerange.com.au/
    Our amazing Certified Free Range Pork comes from Borrowdale Pork.
    Here is a little information about Borrowdale Pork:
    Some exerts direct from their website:


    Rediscover the Real Taste of Pork with Borrowdale Free Range Pork!

    Borrowdale Pork is free range and traditionally farmed, bringing the highest standards of ethical pork production. Raised in a stress-free environment, with the freedom to forage, play and wallow, our free range pork has taken on the superior flavour and tenderness of pork from a bygone era.

    At Borrowdale we’re proud of our sustainable farming techniques and high animal welfare standards. Our farms are 100% Carbon Neutral, we practice restorative farming, and our pigs are APIQ free range certified, free to roam and never confined.

    Australian raised, with no GMOs, and no added hormones, it’s the delicious taste of pork you love, naturally.

    With Borrowdale free range pork, you can rediscover the real taste of pork. Low stress animal husbandry practices underpin superior pork which is succulent, tender and all natural.


    Borrowdale free range pork adheres to the APIQ✓® free range industry standards, ensuring all our pigs have access to outdoor areas their entire lives. The environment is enriched with wallows and space to forage.

    APIQ✓® free range standards also ensure water and food is always accessible and that environmental welfare is also maintained.

    Find out more information at our website:

    Borrowdale - Australia's best free range pork (borrowdalefreerange.com.au)

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